Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tournament Rules – 23.03.2022

A. Tournament Rules

Duels during a tournament proceeds as follows:

  1. Both duelists exchange handshakes.
  2. Each duelists shows that they have the right number of cards in each of their decks.
    • Main Deck: 40-60
    • Extra Deck: 0-15
    • Side Deck: 0-15
  3. Both duelists will shuffle their decks in front of each other.
    • Duelists must not look at their own cards during the shuffling process
    • Duelists must not rearrange their cards in any particular order
  4. Both duelists will then hand their decks to their opponent face-down for reshuffling.
    • Do not take too long reshuffling
  5. Decide who goes first with rock-paper-scissors. The winner can decide who goes first.
  6. After each duel, the one who lost the duel gets to decide who goes first the next round.
  7. During the time between duels (but not between matches or before the first duel), duelists have the choice of swapping cards between their main and side decks

Things to pay attention to during a tournament:

  • If any questions arise during a duel, or if any disputes arise in regards to rules/instructions, the judge on duty will have the final say on the matter. All duelists involved are required to follow the instructions given.
  • Any actions caused by genuine misunderstandings of the rules and/or card effects which don’t disrupt the flow of the game will be negated by the judge; no turn rollbacks or recalculations are allowed for these issues in a duel.
  • Judges will not settle disputes and/or complaints which take place after a match.
  • During the duel, all actions taken by either duelist must be made clear and acknowledged by both sides.
  • Though an average of 3 minutes may be spent on each turn, excessive time should not be spent to allow the tournament to proceed properly. Any duelists caught taking too long (or intentionally stalling for time) may be penalized.

Time-Related Etiquette

  • Any behaviors or actions that result in a delay of the duel/event may result in penalties towards the offender(s).
  • If the duelist acts in such a way which causes unreasonable stalling for time unintentional or otherwise), the referee will first issue a ‘warning’.
  • Should the duelist continue to act in this manner, more serious penalties may be issued.
  • If you suspect someone of acting in such a way, please notify a nearby referee.

B. Win Conditions

Time limits for matches are predetermined for each tournament.

  • This also includes time spent between duels for shuffling decks and card dealing.
  • To ensure the event’s smooth progression, up to three minutes will be allowed between each round.

The winner of each match is determined by the player who has won the most duels (even if only one round was played upon reaching the time limit).
Once the match’s time limit has been reached, one of the following methods will be used to determine the winner:

[METHOD 1] When the time limit is reached during a duel
(Assuming it’s your turn when the time limit is reached)

  1. Finish your current turn.
  2. Proceed to Extra Duel if the duel is still inconclusive.
  3. An Extra Duel consists of 3 turns (starting with your opponent’s).
  4. The duelist with the most LP at the end of the Extra Duel is the winner.
  5. If there is still no winner, proceed to Sudden Death.


  • LP is calculated at the end of the current duelist’s turn (LP differences once the time limit has been reached are not counted)
  • When any LP changes take place during Sudden Death, the duelist with more LP at the end of turn will be the winner (also applies when certain card effects involve using LP)
  • Should Extra Turns or Sudden Death still result in a tie, proceed to Method 2 below.

[METHOD 2] If the time is reached in between duels with a tied score:

  1. Begin an Extra Duel consisting of the following criteria:
    • Both Duelists begin at 8000 LP; the one to reduce their opponent’s LP to 0 first shall be the winner
    • The Extra Duel will last for 4 turns
    • The Duelist with the most LP at the end of the 4 turns will be the winner
  2. If both duelists still have the same LP at the end of the Extra Duel, proceed to Sudden Death.
  3. If any difference between both sides’ LP happens at any point in the duel, the one with the most LP will be the winner.

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